Blacktail Deer Hunting: Rifle and Hunting Tips for a Productive Hunting Season

Blacktail deer hunting is as much the same as hunting for regular deer although there are certain factors that need to be considered in order to have a more productive hunting season. Just like any other deer, blacktail deer have the propensity to hide in cover, especially during the middle of the day. They usually show themselves early or late in the day on the grassy hillsides. Hunting during midday means you need to leave your own cover and go through brush where blacktail deer usually hide during this period. The chances of firing a shot are minimal though because you would need to take them by surprise and approach their hiding place without being noticed.

The most productive method for blacktail deer hunting is by walking the ridges and scouting the grass valleys and slopes. Since most hills are sometimes steep and the slopes are often only a couple of hundred yards apart from each other, this can provide better shots at blacktails, especially if you have the right type of rifle for this kind of hunting. With a flat shooting rifle secured in a firm rest, you can aim and shoot properly with a better chance of actually hitting your target on the first shot. The secret for an efficient blacktail rifle is its accuracy instead of relying on fast handling or high velocity and the capacity to handle heavy bullets.

More often than not, blacktail deer hunting does not take a lot for killing the deer. A .270 with one hundred thirty grain loads or an equivalent of .30/06 with one hundred fifty grain stand for the maximum limit of the fatality you will need to bag your prize. Lighter .257 Roberts will be enough and it can also be a practical option with its combination of accuracy, mild recoil, flat trajectory and the long range punch that is perfect for blacktail deer hunting. The Winchester .243 and Weatherby .240 can also be added on your rifle options and this basically becomes useful for hunters who are highly conscious of the recoil they get. In the long run, a good rifle fit for black tail deer hunting will prove to be more effective than a heavy hitting magnum. Rifles like the Winchester, Weatherby, and Roberts are a lot easier to use, especially for average rifle hunters. It also provides a more accurate bullet placement, which is not at all possible in rifles with higher calibers.

And since most shots for blacktail deer hunting are usually taken at about 300 yards, it is more practical to use rifles fitted with scopes. Up to 10X magnification will be perfect for the purpose of blacktail deer hunting and it will also help making the shot a lot less complicated as compared to relying on your manual sights at the end of your rifle. Blacktail deer hunting is exciting and when you are equipped with the right kind of hunting rifle, it will not be difficult on your part to hit the target dead on.





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