Guided Roosevelt Elk Hunts: Planning For Your Elk Hunt

In 2008, the Division of Wildlife estimated that the elk population statewide was approximately 283,210 and this number continued to grow until 2010. The Division of Wildlife information related that the population of elks in the state is determined with regards to the herds that pass through various gaming units assigned throughout the state. With these rising numbers in the herds, there is definitely a better chance of hitting a target when on a guided or personal Roosevelt elk hunts.

Any elk hunter will agree to the fact that if you join Roosevelt elk hunts and you show up right in the middle of the herd, you will certainly have better luck harvesting elks. And while this concept of elk hunting may be somewhat true, the success of the hunt will depend on the preparation. By knowing where elk herds are abundant, you may be able to double your success rate and it can assist you in the future. But there are various factors that may affect the elk population in one gaming unit with another, so there are chances that the success rate will vary depending on the gaming unit you are hunting in.

But aside from solely relying on the number of the elk population, there are several things you need to consider when planning to go on one of the guided or self– guided Roosevelt elk hunts and the basic questions you need to answer is the when, where and how. First to consider is the schedule of the hunt and what season you want to hunt for elks. The bow hunting season usually starts in late August until September, while the black powder hunting starts in late September. In October, this is followed by three rifle seasons and the last of the rifle season ends sometime around the first to second week of November. You also need to consider the weather because this is a major factor that may affect your hunting with the possibility of heavy snow during the later seasons.

The ‘where’ factor is also important but if you are planning on guided Roosevelt elk hunts, you can always bet on good hunting grounds since most companies who offer their hunting services will certainly make sure that you will be hunting  in areas where there is a good number of elks. But then again, there are many gaming units that are also abundant with game so  if you are on self guided hunting, make sure you check out the place first.  A state map that indicates better hunting grounds will certainly be a good advantage. You can even contact local hunting and sporting stores to find out nearby hunting grounds and learn whether it is abundant this time of the season.

Going on guided Roosevelt elk hunts can be very challenging and exciting. As long as you are properly equipped and well prepared for your elk hunt, you can certainly have a good hunting season.





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