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When searching for the best place for Roosevelt Elk hunting one of the places to start is at Olympic Mountain Outfitters.  They offer some of the best elk hunting available in the Washington state area.  Currently they offer two types of hunting expeditions, guided hunts that include all of the amenities of home and a guide who will take you to all the best elk hunting spots.  The other is semi guided hunts, in these hunts, you still have access to all the camping equipment and other civilized amenities but you are allowed to hunt your way without a guide showing you the way.

When on a Roosevelt Elk hunting expedition many may not realize just how large of an animal these elk are.  They are one of the largest elks in North America and also called Olympic Elk.  The male elk, called a buck, can grow to be on average up to 1100 pounds, stand up to 5 feet tall at the shoulder, and measure up to 10 feet in length.  This is not including their antlers that can grow to be massive and beautiful.  The female elk, known as cows, are smaller weighing in at the most around 625 pounds. 

When on a guided Roosevelt Elk hunting expedition you will not have a need to chase the elk all over the terrain.  Your guide will provide you with a ground blind or tree stand where you will have the perfect opportunity to make your shot.  This is great for bow hunters; they will be able to be in their range of 20 to 30 yards.  This is easily accomplished due to the apples that are brought in daily by the truckload to entice the elk closer to their customer’s perfect place.  This also helps in insuring that you will have a larger game animal.

With their semi guided Roosevelt Elk hunting expeditions you are allowed access to hundreds of thousands of acres filled with timberland.  With such a large area to hunt in you will be at least nine miles away from any other hunter ensuring you have plenty of privacy when hunting.  You will also have access to several permanent tree stands that have been set up over feeding sites or you can take a tree stand from camp and set it up where ever you see fit.   Featuring an area home to a herd of 13,000 head and growing you are likely to be within 500 yards of an elk no matter where you decide to hunt.

When you chose a Roosevelt Elk hunting expedition form Olympic Mountain Outfitters you always receive the best service available.  They provide you with campgrounds, showers, home cooked meals, and your guaranteed license for the hunt you chose.

For more information on Roosevelt Elk Hunting, please visit Olympic Mountain Outfitters on the internet at  Their web site will provide you with more information on their available hunting parties.  You can also call them at 360-470-8708 and one of their representatives will be happy to assist you in planning your next elk hunt.





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