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When searching for some of the best trophy elk hunts available Olympic Mountain Outfitters has more to offer than most.  They offer guided hunts with elk that can reach up to 1200 pounds.  They also have semi guided hunts where you are usually within 500 yards of elk no matter which direction you take when hunting.  They have hunts available for bow, muzzleloader, and rifle season.  They also offer guaranteed licenses for elk, deer, and elk deer combo.  They will purchase your licenses before you arrive with your hunting party.  Their goal is to make your hunting expedition a fun time for you with few worries.

With their guided trophy elk hunts, you will be able to hunt your elk bull in the comfort of a tree stand or ground blinds.  You are sure to see a bull it is just a matter of time waiting for your bull and the shot to line up for you.  Olympic Mountain Outfitters offers not only guided hunts for rifle but for bow and muzzleloaders as well.  The bow hunters will like the fact that the bulls will be in their 20 to 30 yard due to the apples they bring in daily to ensure the elk will be there. 

The muzzleloader season is around the first week of October and the trophy elk hunts are some of the best.  You will be able to see the big bulls rutting with each other before you take your best shot.  This is also the only hunt where you are able to hunt not only elk but deer as well.  Archery is the only other time when hunting both is available.  Making for some fantastic hunting and celebrating after, with talk of how your shot just walked in to place like it was all planned.

While you are on your trophy elk hunts, you can also relax after your day of hunting.  They provide you with a home cooked meal every night along with one of the most comfortable campsites you will ever stay and where you can share plenty of stories about the days hunt.  Your guide will take care of all the nasty work of skinning, quartering, and deboning your elk bull for you.  The only thing left for you to do is take your elk bull to the processor and then take it home to enjoy.

For those who prefer to do trophy elk hunts their own way Olympic Mountain Outfitters offers their semi guided hunts.  With these hunts, you will have access to hundreds of acres of timberland for you to find the perfect spot for your perfect elk bull.  While on your private hunt, you should be within 500 yards of elk at practically every spot available.  This is possible with a herd that is roughly 13,000 head and growing.

Searching for the best trophy elk hunts available visit Olympic Mountain Outfitters on the internet at and you will find one of the best elk hunts available.  They are also available by telephone at 360-470-8708 and one of their trained representatives will be happy to assist you in planning your next hunting experience.





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