Washington Deer Hunts

Washington deer hunts are some of the most exciting hunts available in the United States.  Finding the right deer hunt for you in the Washington area is easy when you go to Olympic Mountain Outfitters because they offer some of the best-guided deer hunts available.  They also offer semi guided hunts where you can use your own methods of tracking deer.  When you hunt in the Washington area, you are not hunting white tailed deer you are instead hunting black tailed deer, a larger deer.

The guided Washington deer hunts are great hunts for amateur hunters who may not know just what they need to do to track a deer.  With the guided hunts, your guide will take you to a prime location where deer are known to frequent.  This is usually a tree stand or ground blind that is permanent in the area and has been used on other hunts.  Most of their stands are by feeder spots that are bated with apples daily, this endures you get the best possible shot for your kill. 

When you want semi guided Washington deer hunts Olympic Mountain Outfitters has those as well.  Their semi guided hunts are for those who would prefer more freedom when hunting.  This allows a more experienced hunter to enjoy the hunting experience more and allows them to improve their tracking skills.  With so many places for you to hunt there are sure to be at least one shot that will land you a clean kill you can be proud to have made.

Along with the Washington deer hunts from Olympic Mountain Outfitters, you will also have access to their campsite.  This is essentially your home away from home while you are on your hunting expedition.  At the campsite, you will have a full time cook available who will provide you with home cooked meals that taste great.  You will also have access to showers so that your smell will not frighten the deer.  Having all the amentias of home will assist in making your hunting expedition one you will remember for years to come.

When you are working with Olympic Mountain Outfitters, your Washington deer hunts will go off without a hitch.  They assist you with any licenses you may need for your hunt, along with all the cleaning involved after you make your kill.  Their guides will take care of the quartering, deboning, caping, and skinning of your deer.  The only thing you will have to do is take it to the processors and enjoy your wonderful meat.  With so much done for you, all you really have left to do is pull the trigger and enjoy the food.

For more information on Washington, deer hunts please visit Olympic Mountain Outfitters on the internet at  There you will find all the hunts available for you to choose from when you decide to go hunting.  They also have a telephone you can reach them at 360-470-8708 and one of their trained hunting representatives will be happy to assist you in all of your hunting needs.





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