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When searching for quality Washington Elk hunts, Olympic Mountain Outfitters is one of the best places to go for your hunting experience.  They offer guided elk hunts with an experienced guide, who will assist in providing you with the prefect shot.  They also offer semi guided elk hunts where you will have the opportunity to hunt at your own pace.  They provide guaranteed licenses to ensure you can hunt your animal of choice.  This is important because many hunting services offer drawings with no guarantee you will receive the license you want for the animal you want to hunt.

The guided Washington Elk hunts available from Olympic Mountain Outfitters provide you with everything you could ever need in a hunting expedition.  They provide you with a guide to show you to several of their ground blinds or tree stands where they have feeding plots the elk visit frequently.  They also provide you with a campsite with all the amenities of home including showers and home cooking.  Your guide will also handle the messier job of cleaning your kill for you so all you will have to do is take it to the processers and enjoy.

With semi guided Washington Elk hunts, you have access to hundreds of acres of timberland filled with elk.  You still receive all of the access to the campsite including the home cooking and showers.  While at the same time, you get to hunt on your own without a guide telling you where to hunt.  The area you are given to hunt in has a herd of over 13,000 head so you should be within 500 yards of elk at practically all times.  All along your area are tree stands set up near known feeding spots.  You also have the option of borrowing a tree stand from camp and finding a location of your own.

Having Washington Elk hunts with guaranteed license is important for any avid hunter.  When you know you will have your license when you arrive at the campsite, it allows you to enjoy your hunting experience more.  At Olympic Mountain Outfitters, they also offer combo hunting license and expeditions.  There are a few times of the year when you can hunt elk and deer at the same time.  This is great for those who want to have an extended hunting expedition.  These are not always available for other hunting expedition planning services. 

When you want the best quality Washington Elk hunts available, using Olympic Mountain Outfitters is the best way to go.  They provide you with the best service and advice available when it comes to elk hunting in the Washington area.  Their guides are well qualified and knowledgeable in the area of elk hunting.

To find more information on Washington Elk hunts visit Olympic Mountain Outfitters on the internet at  There you can find out more information about their elk hunts available.  You can also call them at 360-470-8708 and one of their hunting experts will be happy to assist you in all your hunting party needs.





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